Tipperary Pass Parking

The main road into the Waterford HOA is owned and maintained by the Virginia Dept. of Transportation (VDOT).  Parking along Tipperary Pass is not enforced by the homeowners association but is enforced by the Fairfax County Police. 

Tipperary Pass is a Residential Permit Parking District (RPPD).  RPPD is a program created to reduce traffic in residential areas, protect those areas from the environmental impacts of commuting, allow access to properties, and preserve the residential characters of these areas.  This is implemented by creating on-street parking restrictions in designated areas in accordance with the Code of Fairfax County, Chapter 82, Article 5A.   Tipperary Pass became an RPPD after an application submitted by the HOA to Fairfax County was approved.  The HOA sought the RPPD in response to Oakton High School students using the street as an overflow parking area.  The restrictions are in effect on school days, during school hours only.  During those periods, vehicles must display the proper RPPD sticker.  

The stickers are issued by Fairfax County at no charge and residents must apply to them directly and provide the proper documentation in order to obtain a sticker.

All of the pertinent information as well as the application process can be done on-line at:  

Residential Permit Parking District Program (RPPD) FAQ

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